Thursday, November 5, 2009

When life hands you Lemons...

Make Ice Balls!

...wait, what?

So, I have an addiction to lemon juice in my water, in my soda, on my veggies, on my pasta, and with many other meals.

Usually, I buy the bottled lemon juice, and recycle the bottle. But lately, I've been having trouble with that. For some reason the store keeps running out! So I end up with the little plastic lemons, which are a #4 plastic, and not recyclable with the local program.

I've been keeping them, not sure what to do with them, until it hit me! Ice balls!

With such a great screw top cap, they keep a seal, even if they melt. So now I squeeze the air out of them and then suck fresh water into them, and stick them in the freezer. Voila!

Great for lunch boxes, my backpack coooler, boo boos, and probably many other uses I have yet to think of. If I get enough, I think they would be cute to use in a glass bowl with a bottle of perrier 'on ice' for a nice dinner, or a bottle of lemonade for a cookout.

So don't toss your plastic lemons and limes! Reuse them as ice balls - practical and cute too!