Saturday, June 6, 2009

Almost done!

I wish I could say "Voila!" but I'm not quite there yet. But I am *almost* done. Rehabbing an old twin bed from my grandfather's basement that is. I believe it was either my mom's or my aunt's childhood bed, once part of a matching set. I'm making it beachy-blue-green, and I've been patiently applying coat after coat of paint. Tonight, I scrubbed the old metal bed rails, which will be getting a coat of bright white spray paint tomorrow morning. After that, it's time to shop for a mattress!!!

I still haven't decided what to put on it. A quilt? A bedspread? A comforter? I'm tempted to make a new quilt for it, but I haven't found a good quilt store in Hawaii yet, so I'd have to wait for fabric to be shipped. I'm so excited to put the whole thing together that I think that would take to long!

The thought has crossed my mind to hot glue a few seashells in one corner of the head board... or maybe paint a starfish on it. I just can't decide. I like plain things so much! But it would be fun to really make it feel like a bed in paradise for whoever visits me first. Still thinking on that, and not sure what I'll do, if I do anything at all.

So, this post is really for nothing. It's too dark outside to spray paint right now, and I'm itching to keep working on it. Since I can't, I'm musing about its current stage of exciting-almost-complete-ness. ;)

I can't wait to post a before and after picture of my recycled, free, and oh so cute guest bed!


Me & My House said...

I am dying over here! LOL! I gotta see the before!

Bubba & Rye said...

I like your blog! Can't wait to see the bed!! Sound beautiful!