Friday, June 19, 2009

Patience is a virtue, right?

Well, I'm lacking in that department! After much comparison shopping, I ordered a mattress for the twin bed, but it won't be delivered until the 25th! I'm so ready to take my "after" picture. It's killing me!

Bad news - OMG mattresses are expensive! I've only bought one in my life. Lucky girl that I am, I've been given 2 brand new Queen sets as gifts. I bought one twin set once, when I went home to stay with my Grandfather for 6 months. I bought it at Ikea, and got it very cheap. You can imagine I was in extreme sticker shock buying a mattress in Hawaii with no Ikea to go to!

At this point, my gratitude for my previous mattress gifts has increased dramatically. I had no idea.

Now for the good news - I did get one for a relatively good price. (Relative being the operative word there.) I stuck to my guns and went for a good deal, not the cushiest, most comfy thing out there. This will be my guest bed, but also my escape from awful snoring by the husband bed, so a cushy pillowtop was tempting. But I didn't do it! Yay for determination!

More good news - it's manufactured right here in Hawaii! Whoo Hoo! So my good deal is benefiting local jobs, benefiting the local economy, and cutting down on the wastefullness of shipping - all good things that make me happy.

I know it would be greener to buy used. But a girl has to have her limits. And this is one of mine. I could never sleep on it if it came used from a stranger. And I didn't know anyone getting rid of a twin in good shape.

I could have been greener too by buying organic. But that is not in my budget for a mattress - those things are super pricy! And, having to have it shipped in from the mainland would greatly reduce the overall 'green' factor anyway.

So there you have it. I'm not-so-patiently waiting for my cheap, made in Hawaii mattress. I'm scouting out bedding now. At least this delay gives me more time for that!

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