Monday, September 29, 2008

Fashion Success!

I am thrilled to report a successful shopping trip! I needed a few new items for the change of seasons, and I headed out to MacArthur center in Norfolk.

I started at Nordstrom's. Even though I was working with a limited budget, I know that I often have more success there than other chain stores with finding merchandise made somewhere other than China.

I have to admit, I love Nordstrom's. So I am happy to report that I found several pieces made in the USA, and even found a gorgeous necklace in the clearance section that was handmade in NYC! I purchased a shirt and the necklace, and then headed out to the mall proper.

Another store I've had a long time love affair with is J. Crew. Unfortunately, J. Crew had become the mecca of Made in China labels in recent years, so while I always covet the clothes, I don't usually buy them anymore. But things are changing! I found the cutest, and I mean the CUTEST, matchstick jeans that were actually made in the US! The stars were aligned this weekend, because they also fit like a dream. They are now a staple of my fall wardrobe, and I'm tempted to go back and buy another pair in a different wash. Thank you J. Crew for making jeans in the US! I also bought a few other pieces that weren't made in the US, but at least they weren't made in China. The store is still dominated by clothes manufactured there, but I'm happy to report a few other options are starting to surface.

Finally, I bought one item that breaks my rules. It's an exception I seem to have to make often - shoes. I have found over and over that good, quality shoes made anywhere but China are usually made from leather products. And shoes made from synthetic materials are made in China. I place more emphasis on avoiding animal products, so in order to buy shoes, I often let the China thing slide. So, I bought an exciting pair of Jessica Simpson pumps, made from all man-made materials. I got those on sale too - I love you Nordstrom's!

Finding so many items in one trip is amazing! And an entire outfit at once, from top to bottom including accessories! That's unheard of!

I had to share my success. Several days later, I'm still glowing from my retail therapy that managed to support USA manufacturing and my opposition to the animal industry. I wore my new ensemble out to dinner last night, and I felt like a million bucks!

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