Saturday, September 6, 2008

My first attempt

OK, well maybe this isn't actually my first attempt. I think I created another blog a while back, on the advice of a friend, but didn't stick with it. Or maybe that happened twice, or three times. Regardless, this is my first attempt on THIS blog, and I'm committed to trying harder this time!

I've got some goals in mind this go 'round, so that should help. I want to blog about my experiences as a vegetarian who tries her best to not buy any product that is made of dead animals. I also avoid things made in China, because I feel strongly about how dominant the "Made in China" logo is in just about every store. I'll get into all the reasons why later on. I try to live green, buy local, and eat organic too. When you put all of those things in a pot together, it makes for a very interesting shopping experience. I believe it's worth it though, and while I may pay more for individual items, I certainly spend less money in total, since there just aren't enough options out there to be able to spend a lot.

I'm a Navy wife, and a homemaker. Luckily, this lifestyle gives me the time to pursue these choices. But living on a Navy income can make any lifestyle difficult, this one included. I'll be sharing my celebrations and frustrations as I explore the vegetarian/green/locally produced world, as well as talking about my life in general. I hope you find some things to help you live the way you want, or inspire you to make a change for the better. I also hope some like minded individuals with more experience in this area might share some tips. Check back often, and let me know what you think!

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