Thursday, May 14, 2009

After a long hiatus...

I'm back to trying to blog. Now I'm doing it from Hawaii! What could be more inspiring?

With the never-ending move under my belt, I can refocus. Now I'm trying to live green, be frugal, support homemade products and those made in the USA, follow a vegetarian lifestyle, and do it all in paradise! I'm trying to be craftier too - making more and purchasing less.

Moving put a serious crunch on all of these goals. I had to get rid of a lot before we packed out, and then of course I had to buy a lot once we arrived and moved in. Thank goodness for yard sales and craigslist! Shipping all of my household goods certainly wasn't green, but I tried to minimize my impact by getting rid of extra clutter. Now shopping local is presenting a new challenge - even things that are made in the US are usually sent on a big, environment-gobbling cargo ship. Luckily, there is a lot of Aloha pride here, and I'm starting to find products made in Hawaii. On the vegetarian front, fish sauce seems to have it in for me. It's everywhere! And last but not least, craft stores are EXPENSIVE! Oh wait! What about the coupons??? It's like the Sunday circulars are non-existent here.

But fear not! I can do this! I can make it work! I will make it work! (And it will be cute while I'm doing it too!)

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