Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Work Out Gear Success!

Today I went with my bestie to grab some lunch, and we stopped in Ross to check it out. I've been going to yoga, zumba, and the gym, so I'm in need of more workout gear. I hit the jackpot today!

First, a sports bra / tank that was made in the USA, donated profits to Ovarian Cancer Research, and was a steal at $12.99.

Second, a yoga skort, not made in China, for only $5.99.

Third, another sport bra / tank not made in China, and also for only $5.99.

Absolutely amazing! I got things I need, did it in a frugal way, supported the US, continued my boycott of products made in China, and even supported a charitable cause in the process! I am thrilled!

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