Sunday, May 24, 2009

I love local stores!

Ok, I know it's not a big shocker, but I love stores that sell local products! Thanks to Kay over at, I have a new favorite boutique - Plantation Home in Kapolei. (You can check them out at Walking in was overwhelming because I loved everything, including Kay's beautiful furniture pieces. And so much of it is made right here on the Islands! I was good today - just bought a few tea towels and some beachy accents for the house. But I've got my eye on some other things!!! And I'm already forming a Christmas shopping list in my head. There's a pineapple shaped pillow that's got Mom's name all over it.

I was also excited to hear that they are trying to move out their more standard items to make room for more local kine. (Did I pull that lingo off? I'm not sure!) That's an exciting prospect, and I'll be sure to go back and check it out soon!


Me & My House said...

Hey Kristen! Thanks for visiting! Any find that makes you happy is great! Glad you enjoyed looking over at the post though. I just posted more stuff about burlap...Rhoda at Southern Hospitality is hosting a "party" and wants to know what we have done with it. Although I have NOTHING yet..I have big plans for it. Just you wait and see! LOL! Have an awesome week!

Me & My House said...

BTW, I am SO glad you made it out to Plantation! Good for you for being on your "best" behavior today! It's really hard in there, right? LOL!