Sunday, May 31, 2009

Choosing to be Happy

I've been thinking about happiness lately, and making an effort to choose it. I think that most of my choices in life ultimately lead to my happiness - like being vegetarian, trying to live green, etc. They may be more difficult paths at times, but knowing that I'm trying makes me feel fulfilled and content.

Lately, in this military life, I find that I have to try much harder to pay attention to my choices, to not let negativity drag me down, and to generally choose to be happy. I feel so empowered when I decide to turn negative thoughts away. Those bad feelings start welling up, my words start to bite, and then I flip the switch and say, "No way. Not Today. I'm not gonna let it take my happy away." And it makes such a difference!

Our life is so easily consumed by the Navy. But I'm going to let it be. I'll take the good with the bad, and be happy that I've got an amazing husband who loves me so much, who serves for his country on a tin can under the sea, and then always comes home to me. I choose to be happy. :)

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